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North Carolina General Assembly Update

General Update (End of Session!), Veto Overrides, ABC Bill, Reg Reform, Deannexation Bill

Checkmate Government Relations brings years of experience providing clients in a diverse range of industries with comprehensive policy and advocacy advice before federal, state, and local agencies. In North Carolina, we advise local municipalities, corporate transportation entities, nonprofit organizations, statewide associations, government vendors, and Fortune 500 companies before the North Carolina General Assembly and executive branch.

While the legislature is in session, our team provides weekly updates on the activity at the NC General Assembly this week. Please feel free to contact a member of the team with any questions or visit for more information about our services.

General Update


The General Assembly wrapped up their work for the 2024 Legislative Short Session this week. The House and Senate left town without a budget compromise but managed to pass two standalone bills that would provide $67.5M in funding for childcare facilities across the state and authorize the enacted teacher pay raises from last year’s budget. There is not expected to be a budget agreement this year.


The House and Senate both passed an adjournment resolution on Thursday. The resolution sets dates for both chambers to reconvene once a month until the end of the year. The majority of these sessions are expected to be skeletal. The adjournment resolution allows for the most legislative work when they reconvene on November 19. The legislature will stand adjourned sine die following the last scheduled meeting on Friday, December 13th.


***We will not be sending a newsletter update next week due to a lack of activity at NCGA for the upcoming holiday. ***


Veto Overrides


The General Assembly overrode three vetoes from Governor Roy Cooper. The bills are detailed below:


  • H198, DOT Legislative Changes- This bill makes various changes to transportation laws as recommended by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.  You can find Governor Cooper’s veto statement here.  The House voted to override his veto on June 26th by a vote of 74-42.  The Senate voted to override the veto on Thursday afternoon. 

  • H834, Juvenile Justice Modifications- This bill modifies the definition in statute of “delinquent juvenile” and modifies the transfer process for juvenile cases from juvenile to superior court, among other changes. You can find Governor Cooper’s veto statement here.  The House voted to override his veto on June 26th by a vote of 70-46.  The Senate voted to override the veto on Thursday afternoon. 

  • H237, Various Criminal and Election Law Changes- This bill enhances the criminal punishment if the defendant wears a mask to conceal their identity during the commission of another crime and modifies the health and safety exemption from certain laws prohibiting wearing face coverings in public.  The bill also makes various election law changes.  You can find Governor Cooper’s veto statement here.  The House voted to override his veto on June 26th by a vote of 70-46.  The Senate voted to override the veto on Thursday afternoon. 


ABC Bill


On Wednesday, the House approved S527, ABC Omnibus 2023-24.  This bill would make several changes to state ABC laws.  The bill would allow to-go and delivery sales of mixed beverages and wine by the glass, which was temporarily permitted during the Coronavirus pandemic from December 2020 to June 2021.  The bill would also give local ABC boards more flexibility to operate on holidays.  The bill was approved by the House by a vote of 105-4 on Wednesday night.  The Senate voted to concur with the House changes on Thursday afternoon.  The bill will be sent to Governor Cooper for consideration. 


Regulatory Reform Bill


S607, Regulatory Reform Act of 2024, the annual regulatory reform bill passed this week. The bill would amend state laws related to occupational licensing, rulemaking, state and local government, and other miscellaneous regulations.  The bill contained an important workforce development piece for our heavy hauling truck companies in North Carolina. The bill would allow third parties to train and certify escort vehicle drivers. S607 would also increase the punishment for property crimes against critical infrastructure, including public water supplies and wastewater treatment facilities.  The bill has been sent to the Governor for signature. 



Summerfield Deannexation


The House voted to concur with the Senate changes to H909, Various Local Provisions I, on Thursday.  This bill started as a simple local bill that would de-annex a parcel of land in Fuquay-Varina.  The Senate made changes to the bill that would also de-annex 1,000 acres from the town of Summerfield in Guilford County.  The bill drew a long debate on the House floor, but no amendments could be added because it was a conference report.  The House approved the measure by a final concurrence vote of 72-39.  The bill paves the way for a local developer to build a proposed mixed-use retail and housing development on the land.  Local bills are not subject to signature by the Governor, and the bill will become law. 


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