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Checkmate Government Relations: strategic, influential, premier North Carolina lobbying, expertise in legislation, policy adv

Why Checkmate?

Our multidisciplinary team, with a rich tapestry of backgrounds in law, federal and state advocacy, legislative policymaking, advising, and communications, is dedicated to ensuring your organization not only meets but exceeds its strategic objectives. From intricate legislative frameworks to high-stakes economic development, Checkmate’s approach is comprehensive, proactive, and, most importantly, proven.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs

State & Federal Lobbying

Our lobbying efforts are informed by deep insights and strategic intelligence, ensuring your voice is heard at every level of government.

National Advocacy

With a nationwide network, we amplify your interests across borders, advocating for policies that foster growth and innovation.

Public Affairs & Strategic Consulting

From public relations campaigns to strategic advisory, our services are designed to align your objectives with actionable public policy strategies.

Economic Development &

Political Intelligence

We provide critical intelligence and economic analysis to support your development initiatives and navigate the political landscape effectively.

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